Corporation Info

Corporation Name:Drager Technology Co., LTD. 臥龍科技有限公司
Unified Business No.:29056256
Services & Products:Add-in Card, High quality Readers and I/O card.
Business Hours:08:30-20:00 周休2日
Person in Charge:Monica Lin


Drager Tech is a so special manufacture that we don’t follow or do the products that others have. Drager only design and manufacture the products issued by ourselves or ODM from customers. For higher quality, we insist on design and manufacture in TAIWAN. For high quality guarantee, all the products from Drager show “MADE IN TAIWAN.” Drager also insists on using higher quality and well-known company’s components from USA or JAPAN as possible as we can. All of these are for increasing Drager’s good reputation, respecting the products we do and being responsible for customers we co-work.

Drager, build in 2008, consists of many experienced and professional R&D engineers and so passionate PM & sales. Our R&D teams has H/W, S/W, layout, mechanical, CE/FCC, QC, FAE engineers members. With R&D background, we love to issue new ideas, make unique products and share technical with customers. Products from Drager are not easy to copy or to find in the market. For these, we could keep our product’s value from bad competition with others.

Drager has been dedicating in PC peripherals, storage and Multi Media field for over 8 years, and own some patents for protect product from copying. Our R&D team is very experienced and familiar with PCI/ PCI Express/ ESATA/ SATA/ USB 2.0/ USB3.0/ IO interfaces. Besides, we are known by providing best quality PCMCIA / Cardbus/ Express Card34/54 Drive, PCI-E MiniCard Module and CFAST Readers in the market.

Drager Tech promises to provide customers best service, highest quality and most competitive price!! We guarantee to bring our customers most benefits!! Contact Drager for more and more new ideas and good experience impression on talking with professional people in Drager.

services: PCI Express,ExpressCard,PCIe Mini Card,ESATA USB,PCMCIA,CardBus,Panasonic P2,CFAST

Shipping & Payment

Merchandise Shipping:Postal Delivery, Express, In Person
Payment:Cash, Wired Transfer, T/T
Service Zone:North of TWN, Mid of TWN, South of TWN, East of TWN, HK & Macao, China, S-E Asia, Japan & Korea, North America, Latin America, Europe, Oceania


Address:Taipei 11072, Taiwan
Skype Account:uumonica